Slowly we leave Illinois..

So Day 1 was a marathon drive. We just wanted to get past Chicago and the horrible morning traffic. We did not however plan on being in the car for over 12 hours. We made it safely despite rain, glaring Ohio sun, snowing pollen, allergic reactions (Ally’s face was red like sunburn) all while  eating hardboiled eggs &  carrot sticks. We wish there was time to explore Chicago but that’s a whole other trip. Omaha, NE was on our agenda, but according to the Weather Channel that direction is a NO GO today. Severe tornado warnings are in effect. Sorry Cousin Matt and baby Trent, we’ll catch you another time!  Now we are headed to Wisconsin, stopping to pick up some cheddar at Carr Valley Cheese or if another creamery pops up on the map,  I’m sure I’ll beg James to pull over for more cheese!!  Today’s final stop will be with James’ sister Lauren in Minneapolis!! We are very excited to see her and one of the Twin Cities.  We’ll keep you posted !! Hope you’re enjoying this as much as we are!!


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