Day 3 – more MN country










We’re on our way to South Dakota on the first true Mid West leg of the trip. It’s a sunny day and 84 degrees in the Western Minnesota country. Plenty of green and brown farmland, silos and windmills. Yesterday’s trip through WI flatlands was extremely hot and filled with indoor waterparks. We had a great night with Lauren with excellent home cooked lasagna and lots of laughs. Go Kendra! Classic country serenades us as we cruise on the MN scenic highway to Mount Rushmore!


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  1. Posted by Mom on May 25, 2010 at 1:28 PM

    Hello –

    Glad you had fun with Lauren last night – love pics of all of her animals.

    Received an email from Dad and Lu today – they are loving your blog. Aunt Denise too.

    I’m headed to Orlando at 4pm to get hair cut, staying at a hotel near airport – have a 7am flight
    to DC tomorrow. Come back Thursday on a 3pm flight – home early – no one to have dinner with
    in DC – boo hoo!!

    Love ya – Mom


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