Day 4 – still going!


Wow what a beautiful day yesterday. Big blue skies, rich green country and no tornados! I think we have been very lucky so far all the storms have been behind us. The Badlands were a sight to see. There are over 200,000 acres of sedimentary rock, largest fossil collection in the world, 64,000 acres of grasslands including 60 types of grasses and home to strange nearly extinct animals such as the black ferret and the pronghorn. Of course we didn’t see them but the thought of it was exciting!
We had an amazing dinner at the Corn Exchange, a refreshingly modern bistro in dowtown Rapid City. The chef was formerly a pastry chef in NYC ! We had farm raised Newell SD beef, local greens with goat cheese and butterscotch pudding! We got all pretty and had a relaxing wonderful meal! Thanks Pops!!!!
So we are well rested, fed, exercised and ready to see Mt.Rushmore! The temps are cooler in the 50s but that sun is shining bright! Montana is today too.


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