We’re back!! Did you miss us?







Hi all! We are so sorry it’s taken so long to repost our newest adventures, but we have been non stop trying to figure out a place to live. We finally found a place in the neighborhood of Ballard, 10 minutes north of downtown Seattle. It’s young and hip and not as busy as other ‘hoods around. It’s comfortable and walkable to all sorts of community places like restaurants, shops, coffee & cupcakes, library and the locks. The building is new, similar to the condo/apt. we lived in in VA & DC., although we wanted a house, this will be a nice place to call home for the next year and give us time to look for next one! Our timing was off, considering all the realtors told us it’s better to move in the winter, eek, everyone moves in June apparently. Our spirits are still really high and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know the Seattle area the past few weeks, our fun time has been limited of course but we enjoy the drives.

Our lease doesn’t start until July! So we are currently residing at the beaches of Ocean Shores, WA, a 5×2 mile island 2 1/2 hrs SW of Seattle. Who would have thought it would be cheaper and the end of off season in June! Fun fact for our fellow music buffs, we are staying at the Polynesian Inn where Kurt Cobain of Nirvana once worked as a sheet stripper! Everyone around here and Aberdeen (his hometown) has a Kurt story.

These beaches are not what we are used to by any means. It’s cold and windy with sunny skies, yet gorgeous and quiet. Tons of colorful rocks instead of shells, dark sands, bright red crab shells scattered along the shoreline and deer running through the dunes! A sleepy beach town, with minimal amounts of people, although they say it will get busy next week, it’s hard to imagine since no one really spends time on the actual beach.

We are enjoying the little kitchenette that’s in our room, eating out all the time was not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Eating fresh seafood, razor clams are abundant here, that’s our next culinary adventure. We are back on track and taking walks in the sunset (which happens well after 10 pm, mind you!) and just plain relaxing. James is currently working full time from the hotel room, but having the beach in the background makes for a pretty sweet work environment. Ally is working on the future decorating of our new home!

More to come!

p.s Pictures: Deer walk about randomly here, sunset on water instead of sunrise, our friend the seal we watched from the jetty for hours, Ally in the shark mouth gift shop, us in the wind!


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