Back in Seattle





So we ended our lovely stay at the beach and the lake a little earlier than planned to head back into Seattle. James has some work related events he needed to attend along with new neighborhood research we are both performing. Still looking at apartments just in case, restaurants, gyms, neighborhood gems, you get the idea. We are getting closer and closer!

On the fun side, Seattle has a lot of author readings and we’ve decided to partake in an event. Tonight we are going to see Anthony Bourdain talk about his new book – Medium Rare, a witty poke at celebrity chefs and the like. We are very excited, Ally has read some of his books and we both used to watch his show No Reservations all the time. His biting humor should make for a good night of laughs and insight.

Summer is starting here as well. The sun came out today and it’s a ridiculously high temperature of 71 degrees, wow we are melting. Just kidding all you East Coasters. Apparently the sun has not reached over 75 degrees since September 21, 2009. Record breaking weather patterns. Crazy, huh? We love it.

Free book and view from inside Moore Theater


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