Happy 4th of July !




We can’t believe it’s all ready the 4th of July, can you? This year has flown by for us, We started the year in blizzard covered Virginia and here we are celebrating our nation’s birthday in the great state of our founding father (namesake) Washington. Wow! We have been settling is as best we can this weekend in our new digs. We love it so far, even more when our stuff is delivered from storage this week!

Farmer’s markets are very popular here, a way of life actually. We conveniently have the Ballard FM one block away every Sunday, rain or shine, (mostly rain, ha!) all year round. We were in heaven. We are trying to buy all local produce and fish for the week here if possible as well as try things we’ve never had before. We bought fresh caught Alaskan salmon, garlic scapes, fava beans, shelling peas, morel mushrooms, bing cherries, heirloom tomatoes, a variety of greens such as buttergreen & purple kale, apricot yum (less sweet jam,) and fresh lavender. It’s unbelievable the bounty of fresh produce around here and supporting your local farmers and retailers is very much encouraged. We also indulged in piping hot mini doughnuts, veggie quesadillas and local cheeses. What a day, can’t wait until next week!

So we kept hearing about this park called Gasworks around Lake Union as the best place for fireworks, we were skeptical because it was raining all day; which means a steady sprinkle really and we are not quite equipped for this kind of constant wetness. In other words we didn’t want to sit in the rain for hours. Ally has a friend, Bill, here from high school who lives down the street as a matter of fact, and he came over to celebrate with us. Much to our surprise as soon as Bill saw the view from our living room, he immediately assured us no rain was in our future plans for the night for we had the best view of the show! Right from our very apartment as well as balcony! It truly was a beautiful sight to see the local fireworks across the horizon as well as the main event over the lake. It doesn’t get dark until very late, so we had to wait until about 10:30 to see the light show, but it was worth it. A few drinks, great company and a dry seat in front of the window made for a memorable first holiday in Seattle.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday like we did!


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