So much to do

We had such a busy weekend we are exhausted. After 3 years of not doing anything remotely entertaining, we can’t get enough of what Seattle has to offer! This weekend was no exception. We explored our neighborhood mostly. Friday we had an amazing Italian meal at Volterra (Rachel Ray’s favorite place apparently) known for it’s local ingredients and Northern Italian inspired dishes, with my mom. What a menu, we had charcuterie, morel ravioli, dungenness crab ravioli with tomato cream sauce, freshly caught halibut with bitter greens, orange chocolate cake with the best (non fermented) port ever! The wine steward because my new favorite person in Ballard. They are also known for their coffee service, a true rarity. I remember visiting my grandfather in the Bronx as a child and going out to Lombardi’s I believe where the adults dined for hours while my brother and I indulged in giant meatballs. The best part was the end of the meal, the table would order espresso with lemon peels, now I thought that was pure sophistication and couldn’t wait to grow up and order one! Well I finally found a place that still practices this tradition. I must have grown up!

James and I went to the Mobile Chowdown near the Space Needle in downtown Seattle on Saturday. The west coast is known for it’s food trucks, LA and Portland especially and now Seattle is on the map. This annual event featured Seattle’s own popular trucks versus Portland’s best. What a fun and filling festival! Korean, beef tongue & fish tacos, ice cream, Poutine (Canadian french fries really) fries with cheese curds and brown gravy, fried pies, hot dogs and beer gardens. It was a glorious 80 degrees with the sun shining and a nice breeze in the air, just a lovely afternoon.

That night we met up with some Florida friends and caught up on the last 15 years! Sunday was the Arts & Crafts festival, Ballard Farmer’s market again and a Seafood Fest that took place right outside our apartment building! We were excited but their didn’t seem to be a lot of seafood! We tried crabcakes, boy do they do it wrong, fried?! Various BBQ salmon stuffed pitas, on a stick and in a melt. The traditional Scandinavian event held a lutefish eating contest (gross) and Viking inspired outfits.

Truly a grand weekend! Back to work and unpacking this week.. boo!


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  1. Posted by Diane on July 15, 2010 at 11:29 PM

    You guys better join a gym…if you have these gastric tours every weekend you will not be able to
    fit through the next restaurant door.

    Sounds like a great weekend.

    Love you – Mom


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