Errands errands




So this weekend, the food was the highlight, started off with the most amazing French with a creole twist dinner on Friday in the Queen Anne neighborhood. We love to splurge every once and awhile with this rich cuisine and we deserve it after returning to the gym this week! Toulouse Petite was the name and really they had me at the French baguette with European butter & sea salt. Does it get any better than that?? Yes! We indulged in a barnyard scented (a good thing trust me!) wine from the Loire Valley, housemade pate de campagne, fried green tomatoes with Dungeness crab, frisee salads with lardon & a poached egg. I love eggs on anything…my bagel, burger, salad heck I will eat a house if it had an egg on it! We had an incredibly spicy adouille sausage, shrimp & grits, the flavors of New Orleans, that thankfully didn’t remind us of NC. Shrimp & grits are a staple of the South so this twist was a real treat. We finished our evening with a glass of wine and a fancy IPA for James at a wine bar down the street from our house. A lovely evening indeed with the sun still shining late into the night!
The rest of our weekend consisted of errands and more errands. Still on the lookout for furniture and more farmer’s market finds. The Olympic Sculpture Park now offers a market overlooking the Puget Sound, a beautiful view indeed. A quick sloppy burger with cocktails too! We’ve enjoyed cooking at home again with all our new culinary treasures! Fresh morel mushrooms, amazing gazpacho ready sweet tomatoes, yellow beets, halibut, smoked salmon and bright flavored berries. A good quick yet tiring weekend in amazing weather, a beautiful 70 – 75 degrees. Happy weekend!
P.s. Happy Birthday Lucille!!! Love Ally & James 🙂


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