Sunburn is nice




It was officially hot here this weekend. Ok ok 85 isn’t that hot but when you’re not used to it, it can be surprising. Thankfully it’s enjoyable and allows us to get out in the sun without suffocating. We even got a little tiny bit of sunburn which feels somewhat foreign to us. Our cheeks are rosy and and the sting on our arms reminds us that we have to appreciate all this glorious sun for we will miss it in the near future. We took a few drives the past few days to Alki Beach in west Seattle, just over a bridge looking back on the Seattle skyline. What a glorious view! A skyline with mountains, sandy beaches and with a sparkling ocean. My camera phone does not do it any justice. We also drove to Olympia to see a former work friend of James. Bob is an engineer/astrophysicist and his girlfriend is a doctor, what amazing people! They showed us a hidden waterfall right below the former (now abandoned) Olympia Brewery near the Capitol and then spoiled us with an amazing vegetarian meal and a beer tasting they provided. I was enjoying myself and forgot to take more pictures! They are very much into growing their own vegetables, living sustainable in a certified “green” house with an actual greenhouse inside as well gluten free living, homebrewing (tasting Bob’s porter was quite a treat!) and their lovely dog Sophia. We are inspired….I too have been playing with gluten free cooking and of course had to see if sweets (priorities people!) could be done without white flour. So I tried Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix….Best brownies I’ve ever had! Check it out, most grocery stores have this product.

Mt. Ranier was out all weekend too and we just can’t get enough of it! It’s absolutely breathtaking, especially when the sun is setting, the peaks are pink with reflection. Stunning.

We are still putting our place together, pictures to come once it’s there! Busy weeks ahead, lots of visitors..this week Ally’s mom comes to visit then followed by her dad, we are so excited for company!!! Then some friends are passing through to finish out the month oh and a Florida trip thrown in, busy busy. 

Ok off and to make a late farmer’s market dinner of salmon with leeks, morels and shelling peas. We are addicted to these things!


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