Pacific NW proudly presents… Ally’s Dad!

We’ve had such a busy couple of months and boy are we enjoying them! The past couple of weeks we’ve been able to share our enthusiasm with Ally’s family. First her mom then her dad! Mr. T came to visit this past weekend, which is big because he rarely takes the vacations he very much deserves. It’s been really sunny the past month but this weekend was overcast, so no Mt. Ranier sightings for our FL guest but the temperatures were so delightful. From the 80s to the 60s, cool and invigorating. It helps one relax instantaneously! We showed my dad our new neighborhood upon his arrival. He seemed just as impressed as we are with the convenience & walkability of everything that being the plethora of restaurants, grocery, bars and the locks of course. We walked over to see the boats come in and out, the salmon ladder which contained extremely large fish this weekend and strolled past the gardens.

That night James and I were invited by our realtor friend to attend Pioneer Square’s (Seattle’s oldest neighborhood downtown) First Thursday Art walk. Amazing event! Tons of crafters set up tents, all the galleries were swimming with people gazing at art, enjoying music and crazy walks of life. He introduced us to some really great and interesting people, hopefully this will be a regular thing for us. We even visited a “struggling artist” gallery that housed about 100 artists in an earthquake shaken building, wow that building could collapse at any point, fault line and everything! This was the best spot though, a true hidden gem of up and coming artists, musicians and the trendy hipsters that make up Seattle. I am inspired to make art again!

Friday was tourist day. I took my dad to the top of the Space Needle, via a 2 minute monorail ride, where the views were breathtaking, too bad the sun wasn’t out but I’m sure we’ll be back to catch it! Strolled through the first mall ever formed in the NW, wandered through the fast paced & people packed stalls of the Pike Place Market where we enjoyed mini doughnuts and coffee and then just took in the sights and various faces of visitors. So much to take in really, but so much fun! That afternoon the 3 of us enjoyed oysters from Elliott’s on the waterfront and the best dungeness crab dip we’ve ever had! Happy hour at the Embassy Suites and the day was done. Perfect dad & daughter day if I do say so myself.

Saturday we put my father to work! Just kidding he willingly obliged. 🙂 He hung a chandelier, a ceiling fan and our tv on the wall. All while sadly he had to watch his Boston Red Sox lose to James’ Yankees but he was a good sport. That night he spoiled us with club seats at the Seattle Mariners baseball game! Great seats and stadium, the team however struggles to win on a daily basis, but who cares live sports are so much fun!

Dad caught the red eye after the game, so it was non stop action packed weekend! We had a blast and hope my dad did too!

So the next question is, who’s going to be our next visitor?


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