Raleigh pals wine & jobs

More friends were in town this past weekend, Olivia & Drew Martin from Raleigh, who were actually in town for a wedding. We hadn’t seen them since their wedding last year in NC, so a real treat to have them in our new town. Ally & Olivia have been friends for nearly a decade and Drew too, some of my favorite people. Of course with all the storytelling & laughter I didn’t have time to take pictures. We took them to Tom Douglas’s Lola, a Mediterrean/N. African mezze restaurant downtown and we were not dissapointed. Mr. Douglas is responsible for creating the Pacific NW cuisine style. Straight forward flavor, local & sustainable ingredients done with WA flair. He has about 5 or 6 restaurants here each different in theme, from amazing bakeries to unbelievable seafood. We had a lamb fest that evening & The Martins loved it just as much as we did! Such a fun loving couple to be around and we are so fortunate to still be in touch with them from Raleigh.

James & I went to Woodinville, WA to visit a couple of winieries the next day. Chateau St. Michele, WA’s oldest winery, Glen Fiona, Columbia Crest & Januik. Most are available nationwide in your grocery store, the wine is decent but not stellar, while the wineries are touristy not exclusive. But we are not complaining, 30 minute drive from the city and we were in wine heaven! We were the only ones walking the sidewalk-less streets, picking black berries & taking cabs which was a pretty scary thought, but a fun day indeed.

Ally got a job!!! All that volunteering paid off, connections were made, job was offered, work has begun! My friend Holly’s place-Savour Specialty Foods a retail store with a menu as well located 2 blocks from home!! While retail is not my thing, it’s just the beginning. I’m hoping to start a cheese program there after the monger teaches me her thing & departs as well as extending this idea to other restaurants/cafes locally. A wholesale cheese program service if you will! In a couple of weeks I’m flying off to NYC for an extensive 3 day cheese bootcamp at Murray’s Cheese Shop on Bleeker Street. I will be in a curd coma after trying 100 cheeses! It’s set up for professionals who want to do cheese programs, increase knowledge & start wholesale operations. Excite!!

James is busy with his new job, quite a few challenges with new programs to learn and execute but he’s loving ever minute of it, I think. 🙂 Oh he’s busy building robots in his spare time too of course! I’ve been culinary inspired lately and lucky for James he gets to be my test subject. A couple of happy bellies around here & a much used treadmill too.

Fall is here also. It showed up overnight This is our favorite season though. Pumpkin beer, red & yellow leaves, sweater weather cooler temps and soup time!!

We’ll keep ya posted!


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