2011 It’s Been Awhile

Technical difficulties, busy schedules, winter woes have all been in the way of updating this blog. We’re back I hope.

Seattle has been wonderful. We’re still overindulging on the Pacific NW’s bounty, a trip to Portland, Orcas Island next week, Restaurants Galore, wine, oyster & beer tastings. Good company, good work and good times!

On the sad side of things, we did lose two very amazing family members this year. James’ grandfather Mr. Richard J. Dixon passed away in January. He was there with the family in Florida to celebrate him, thank goodness. Ally lost her great Uncle William Appleby in NY this month. We cherish their memory and share their stories often. Rest In Peace Mr. D & Mr. A.

Here’s some recent photos.. My cheese/meat plate at work SAVOUR, beautiful Seattle & Puget Sound, Birthday shots, beer tours and visits!

This never gets old..

Jame's has been snowboarding!

Pretty People

Making kraut at work!

A couple blocks from our place, seagulls & all

At Re:Public in Seattle


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